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Foot Surgery

Brian Dawson, DPM -  - Podiatrist

Brian Dawson, DPM

Podiatrist located in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Dawson is one of New York City's top podiatrists, skilled in advanced techniques for foot surgery so patients at his Brooklyn Heights practice can enjoy fast and complete recovery and a return to pain-free range of motion.

Foot Surgery

When is foot surgery performed?

Foot surgery is typically performed when an issue can't be resolved with more conservative approaches like physical therapy and medication. Surgery is only performed after a thorough assessment of your foot to ensure it's the best possible option.

What conditions does foot surgery address?

Foot surgery is used to address many types of foot-related issues, including:

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Heel spurs

  • Torn tendons and ligaments

  • Serious fractures

  • Bunions

  • Hammertoes

  • Nerve impingements

  • Arthritis

  • Lumps, bumps and cysts

  • Achilles tendon problems

  • Foot deformities

  • Traumatic injuries

Prior to surgery, you'll undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if surgery could be the best option for correcting or treating your issue.

What is recovery like?

Today's foot surgery techniques have been developed to be safer and less invasive than ever, so patients can enjoy a faster recovery with less pain and downtime. During recovery, you'll have follow-up visits to ensure your foot is healing properly, and you may also have a program of physical therapy, either with a therapist or using exercises and other techniques at home to help promote healing, reduce inflammation, rebuild strength, range of motion and flexibility in the foot and ankle. You may need to wear a splint, cast, or special boot to help ensure proper healing occurs, and you may also need to use an assistive device like a cane or crutch during the early stages of healing. The length of time for recovery can vary widely based on the condition that's being treated and the type of surgery that's performed. In some cases, custom orthotics may be needed to support the foot following surgery and even once healing is complete.

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